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Hebei Yarong Fittings Co., Ltd.
About Us
Hebei Yarong Fittings Co., Ltd.

Hebei Yarong Fittings Co., Ltd. is located in Mengcun Hui Autonomous county. The East Jin Shan expressway, west of Shi Huang high-speed Beijing Shanghai high-speed, high-speed Beijing Lu, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, North 100 kilometers away from Tianjin port, East 70 kilometers from Huanghua port, the transportation is very convenient.

Our company mainly produces Korean standard (KS), Japanese standard (JIS), American Standard (ANSI), German standard and English standard of high and medium voltage of various specifications of steel, stainless steel, alloy steel elbow, three, different diameter pipe, pipe cap, elbow, flange, socket series pipeline component production more than 5000 tons of goods, inventory.

Our products are mainly exported to Korea, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Middle East countries and domestic steel mills, seamless steel tube plant, power plant, machine processing, large cement plant and steel fittings factory, at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation. In 2017 the output value of 17 million yuan, exports $1 million 400 thousand, 2020 is expected to achieve annual output value of 25 million yuan, the export volume of 1 million 500 thousand dollars.

Occupy the market with the brand, with sincere customer service. Over the years, the company carries out scientific management, innovation and development, product quality, honest and trustworthy principle, constant pursuit of innovation and technological innovation management. To establish a sound scientific management and social security system, the maximum to meet customer demand. Dedicated users with first-class technology, first-class products, first-class service, fighting the market.

Why Choose US

As far as we know, the main reason for any valuable customer from different part of the world is looking for some best-cheapest products from the manufacturing center---China. Those who only care about price but ignore even the very basic reasonable quality may not have the interest in HEBEI YARONG PIPE FITTINGS CO., LTD. because we insist to do business in a honest, reliable and reasonable way. It means that we should never be able to be win the simple price competition with those so-called flexible yet unregulated factories or traders, but we believe there are also enough reasons for you to consider cooperating with us, because we can offer you the following key points, which are very critical for international business:

1, Deal with good company

To be big is not everything, to be famous is also not the whole story, only to be really good can support your long term business in a foreign country, which you mostly rely on the phone or computer to communicate with.

Have you ever been:

1, It is always a nice experience for you to communicate with the seller before the down payment is arranged, but possibly you will run into a tough or even difficult situation when receive the goods at your port if you choose the wrong one. Then you may decide never come to China again!

2, You maybe led to another small factory by the sales and offer you cheaper price but you need to pay money to a unknown company which could run away on the next morning.

3, You may be frustrated to be informed that due to the cost increased, the order you already confirmed and pay deposit need to change price, or delay too much for loading.

4, You may be surprise that nobody inform you there will be the biggest holiday in China and you are dying for the goods to come, which cause you a big lost due to the delay.

What HEBEI YARONG PIPE FITTINGS CO., LTD. do is that, Whatever customer you are, big or small, as long as we reach a deal and start the business, we will keep words confirmed during the negotiation. It means we will keep a very close eye on the process to avoid any mistakes. Our QC team will carry on the agreed standard strictly to inspect the products before they deliver to the next step. What you get will be 100% the same as what you have seen and confirmed. Only if you strongly request to lower the quality standard but we always have our own bottom line instead of agreeing any price but steal the material in the end.

We will be honest enough in case any problem occur during production, and communicate with you to figure out the solution together. We must confess there could always be questions or problems, but when we decide to work together we are in the same boat, so good business is always the result of good communication and mutual understanding.

No cheating, No excuse, No purposed delay is what we always try to guarantee our partners!

2, Deal with the right people

You may once have the problem in communicating with the representative or sales, with bad English expression, little knowledge of the product, careless attitude, bad service, etc.

In HEBEI YARONG PIPE FITTINGS CO., LTD. all the representatives are good English speaker with humble attitude to listen to customer's request. Quick response to customer's request for samples, drawings, quotations, and answers about any technical problems. We admit there must be something we could not do, the way is to communicate openly. Our people would always let customer know what we could do and what could not, we do every best to realize our company's commitment to you that: what you see and hear is what you get. Our people are also very professional to give you suggestion about how to optimize your purchase, for example, we will try to maximize the loading weight for your containers in order to save you money for the freight!

In one word, we are not perfect, but we are learning and improving, we appreciate all the valuable customer to give us a chance to know and see if we are the Mr RIGHT for each other.

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