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Elbow: In pipeline system, elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of pipeline and is used to connect the bend of pipeline.

Product description

Elbow: In pipeline system, elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of pipeline and is used to connect the bend of pipeline.

Product information of Elbow Pipe Supplier

Produce nameElbow Pipe Supplier
TYPE45°, 90°, 120°, 180°
Materialstainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel
Size1/2"-100", DN15-DN2000
SurfaceClear, Bright, Brushing
PackingSteel Pallet, Plywood, wooden Pallets
OriginMade in China, Hebei
SpeciesMore Than 300 Kinds For Choice

Manufacturing process of elbow

Elbow is a kind of pipe fitting used for pipe turning. It has 90 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow and so on. It can be manufactured according to the needs of the project. The manufacturing process of elbow with different materials and different pressures is also different.

The forming process of seamless elbow commonly used in our factory includes hot pushing, stamping, extrusion, etc.

The hot push elbow forming process is a process in which a special elbow pushing machine, a core die and a heating device are used to make the blank sheathed on the die move forward under the push of the pushing machine and be heated, enlarged and bent during the movement. The deformation characteristic of the hot push elbow is to determine the diameter of the tube blank according to the law that the volume before and after the plastic deformation of the metal material is constant. The diameter of the tube blank used is smaller than the diameter of the elbow. The deformation process of the blank is controlled by the core die, so that the metal compressed at the inner arc flows and compensates to other parts thinned due to the expansion, so as to obtain the elbow with uniform wall thickness.

The tube blank equal to the outer diameter of the elbow is used for the stamping of the elbow, and the press is used to directly press the elbow in the die.

Stamping elbow is divided into cold stamping and hot stamping. Usually, cold stamping or hot stamping is selected according to material properties and equipment capacity. The forming process of cold extrusion elbow is to use a special elbow forming machine to put the tube blank into the outer die. After the upper and lower dies are closed, the tube blank moves along the gap between the inner die and the outer die under the push of the push rod to complete the forming process. The elbow made by cold extrusion of internal and external die is beautiful in appearance, uniform in wall thickness and small in size deviation, so this process is mostly used for the forming of stainless steel elbow, especially for thin-walled stainless steel elbow. The internal and external die used in this process requires high precision, and the deviation of the wall thickness of the tube blank is also relatively strict.

Middle plate welding is to make half of the elbow section with middle plate and press, and then weld the two sections together. This process is generally used for elbows above DN700.

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45 Degree Elbow Supplier

45 Degree Elbow Supplier

45 Degree Elbow Supplier

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45 Degree Elbow Supplier

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