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What is a pipe flange?

The flange is the connecting part between the pipe and the pipe, which is used for the connection between the pipe ends; Pipe Flange connection refers to the detachable connection of the flange, gasket, and bolt as a group of the combined sealing structure. All the connecting parts that are closed at the same time by using bolts around the two planes are generally called "flanges".

The differents of carbon steel flange and stainless steel flange

Carbon Steel Flange common standards include ASTM A105N (SA105N),ASTM A694,  MSS SP-44, DIN 2533. Accompanying pressure ratings are from class 150 to 2500. ASTM A105 steel quality is a normal usual product (mild carbon steel) for forged carbon steel flange, it utilized in plenty of locations for higher-temperature and also the ambient solutions in pressure systems. In instance made use of in a stainless steel piping system, it will be adjusted with a lap joint end ring.

Stainless steel flange also named SS flange is made of stainless steel. Common material standards and Grades are ASTM A182 Grade F304/L and F316/L, with pressure ratings from Class 150 to 2500. It utilized in many more markets than carbon steel as stainless steel has far better resistant efficiencies on rust setting and also constantly supplies a great look.

What are different types of piping flanges?

Slip-on pipe flanges

Weld neck pipe flanges

Blind pipe flanges 

Lap joint pipe flanges

Threaded pipe flanges

Socket-weld pipe flanges

These pipe flanges can be customs with dimensions by the consumer. We are a pipe flanges manufacturer, which has the ability to develop nearly any type of kind of pipe flange necessary for your requirements. Please click one of the adhering to pictures for a more comprehensive description of the thing you have an interest in.