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What are the factors that affect the anti-corrosion effect of welding neck flanges?

Feb. 23, 2021

In recent years, butt-welded flanges have been used more and more commonly in many fields. In the process of continuous progress with today’s engineering requirements, the quality requirements for butt-welded flanges have become more stringent. The use of butt welding flanges can be better guaranteed. At this time, the butt welding flanges are required to have strong corrosion resistance. So, do you know what factors will affect the corrosion effect of the butt welding flanges? Here is the butt welding The flange manufacturers will share with you. 

One. The first reason for this situation is corrosion failure and so on. When ordinary pipelines are erected, certain anti-corrosion work must be done or anti-corrosion spiral steel pipes should be used directly. The reason for the corrosion of pipelines is Because the anti-corrosion layer of the pipeline was destroyed. Once the anti-corrosion layer is separated from the outer surface of the pipeline, anti-corrosion failure will naturally occur under this condition. This also informs us to choose anti-corrosion butt welding flange when purchasing butt welding flange. 

What are the factors that affect the anti-corrosion effect of welding neck flanges?cid=5

Second, the other is about the influence of external conditions. This is mainly to look at the characteristics and temperature of some media around the pipeline, and whether the media around the pipeline is corrosive. Due to the corrosive nature of the medium, it has a very close relationship with the microorganisms contained in the soil. Therefore, if it is a long-distance pipeline, the requirements for soil environmental properties are more complicated. In addition, the temperature of the environment where the pipeline is located will also affect the corrosion of the welded flange. If the temperature is higher, the corrosion rate will also increase, while the temperature is low, the corrosion rate will slow down. 

So what the above-mentioned butt-welded flange manufacturers share for everyone is the factors that affect the corrosion of butt-welded flanges. You can pay attention to avoid these phenomena in the process of using butt-welded flanges. Interested friends can understand , I hope it can be useful to everyone, and follow us to understand more detailed information.