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What Should be Paid Attention to for the Corrosion Prevention of Carbon Steel Pipe Parts?

Mar. 06, 2020

The processing of any pipe fitting is very strict, otherwise the quality will not be guaranteed. There are many processes and the process is very detailed. For example, the carbon steel pipe is painted. What should we pay attention to? The carbon steel forged flange factory explains it for you.

First, some knowledge of pipe fittings

There are many alphabetic symbols on the fittings, which symbolize the names of the fittings. For example, different elbow degrees have different expressions, and the letters are different. We need to understand to understand the fittings better.

Second, the painting of carbon steel pipe parts

This is a very important process of carbon steel tee china. Most of them are coated with anti-rust paint. You can use two methods to apply it. One is to directly brush the tube with the brush. The other is Use a spray gun to paint, pay attention to the pipe must be cleaned before painting can be carried out, there should be no soil, hair, impurities, etc., otherwise it will affect the effect of painting.

Third, you must see the original nature of the tube when painting

Be sure to clean the pipe, there should be no sludge, etc., to see the original color of the pipe, to see the date of production of the paint, can not be overdue, if the paint is very sticky and thick, it must be diluted, and then After coating, stir well, it is ready to use.

Fourth, the inspection of carbon steel pipe parts

Quality inspection is very important. It is necessary to see if its surface and inside are smooth and oxidized. If it fails, it must be reprocessed. There must be no delamination on the pipe, no scars and wrinkles. Severe scratches and small pits can be removed. Don't take too much trouble when inspecting the quality, you must be careful.

Fifth, the paint of carbon steel pipe parts should not be blown by the wind.

Carbon Steel Blind Flange

Carbon Steel Blind Flange 

The coating of carbon steel blind flange should be carried out in the windless workshop. The surface of the pipe fittings must be painted and evenly coated. This is the same inside and outside. It is not coated in some places. After finishing coating, put the pipe fittings neatly according to the specifications and wait for it to dry naturally. If it is not completely dry, do not move them.

After painting and drying the carbon steel pipe parts, we can put them in the box, and put the certificate of conformity in the box, the product's specification sheet, model list, etc. The finished carbon steel pipe parts must be wrapped with plastic cloth. To prevent moisture, seal the bag.