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Matters Needing Attention When Purchasing Elbows

Aug. 12, 2020

What problems should be paid attention to when buying elbows? The following 90 Degree Elbow Supplier provides you with some suggestions to help you purchase high-quality elbow products!

First, determine the specification and model of the carbon steel elbow that you purchased, that is, the diameter of the elbow, and the standard, pressure rating, or wall thickness of the elbow. The pressure level and wall thickness can be converted if you know one, followed by the material of the elbow, and then the corrosion problem, whether it is necessary to spray paint or sandblast the elbow.

1. Why pay attention to the material of the elbow?

Some unscrupulous pipe fitting manufacturers use irregular materials, and the usual judgment criterion is nickel content. Although the potion can be used to distinguish it, it is obviously a misunderstanding, because it is impossible to distinguish the small charge containing more than 7 nickels, but the price of the raw material is very different, which is one of the fakes. Especially 321 high nickel and 316 high nickel fraud are serious. Therefore, you must pay attention to the material of the elbow when purchasing the elbow. In order to ensure the quality of the elbow, it is recommended that you buy it from a regular manufacturer.

90 Degree Elbow China

90 Degree Elbow China

2. Why pay attention to the size of the elbow?

Most customers basically have no technical knowledge to inspect elbows. For example, 90 Degree Elbow China. Generally, the conventional elbow is one and a half times the elbow. The method is R=1.5D, but focusing on the pipe fittings market. Basically, most production molds are 1.25D, a difference of 0.25D. It is used as the raw material for pushing elbows, which means that pipes can be saved, the weight of the raw materials will be much different, and the price will be very different. This is the so-called non-standard elbow, which is much shorter than the standard elbow.

3. Why is it necessary to determine whether anti-corrosion elbows are needed?

Solution treatment and non-destructive testing, sand rolling and sandblasting treatment, and the prices of elbows without anti-corrosion treatment and anti-corrosion treatment vary greatly. If the customer needs anti-corrosion treatment, it must be done. Many manufacturers on the market do not perform non-destructive testing of solution treatment and percent permeability. Many of them use sandblasting instead of sand rolling. After these steps are omitted, the manufacturer will greatly reduce the cost, reduce the quality of the elbow, and the price will be lower than that of the peers, thereby increasing the chance of ordering.

4. Why pay attention to the wall thickness of the elbow?

Many customers have a certain understanding of the wall thickness of the elbow, although sometimes the wall thickness of the elbow barely meets the standard, many people will ignore the thickness of the back-arc of the elbow, because the wall thickness will appear during the process of pushing the elbow The phenomenon of wall thickness reduction, so if the caliber barely meets the standard, and the back is basically unqualified, the average expert understands this. If the manufacturer purchases a little thinner, the natural loss will be reduced a lot, but the product will become a mere manifestation and only meet the standard.

5. More manufacturers will use the seamless production method of straight seam elbows. This method is to produce the raw materials for the elbows, that is, the welds are polished before pressing, and then the surface is sandblasted after pickling. Any signs of welding. The customer cannot see the seamlessness of the straight seam elbow, and even using advanced flaw detection equipment can not tell that it is a straight seam elbow. This method can reduce the price of many elbow products, and the quality is greatly reduced.